#ONA11 Morning keynote/interview

NPR’s Tom Ashbrook interviewed Vivek Kundra,  the US’s first federal Chief Information Officer – much about the cloud, transparency, and how to archive the digiverse for posterity. Not going to post any notes out of this – you can check it out for yourself on the ONA site at  though I don’t know if they’ll archive the livestream or not – ?


Alarm bells! – and not the cliche

Speaker Cindy Rodriguez had barely started when alarm bells and “evacuate this room” voices started going off.  Journalists! nobody moved! After a minute or so  someone (who?) came in and said “Ignore it”.

Turned out the TJ Maxx convention was setting up for a fashion show in the the next meeting room. A smoke machine wreaked a little havoc.

Congrats to Cindy for hanging in there. I would have been in meltdown.

#ONA11 Thursday aft: job hunting panel

For more details on any of these notes – especially for bio notes on the speakers – check the Online News Association conference schedule at http://ona11.sched.org/

Notes from sitting in on a jobhunting session in Salon H –Not looking for a job but …. just because I could –The notes start slightly late! because I was. Late, that is.

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