#ONA11 A final word on ONA11, well after the fact…

Re-revised (111002 and 120214) to add a bit more linky goodness…

I didn’t post notes from all the sessions. Sometimes, the content just wasn’t that interesting to me, or the room was too crowded to take notes, or the subject matter was just over my head. Others were so good , and so packed with ideas and information that I don’t have the time to do them justice. But—

Here are some links to other people’s notes from great sessions. Notables:  

– the one on setting up “second screens” (or third or fourth) around live events, featuring panelists from ESPN and the NY Times. You can see more on that in mediabistro.com’s 10,000 Words column, or watch the video on the ONA site), and

– the “augmented reality American Idol” session. Short version: get Aurasma immediately. Go out and play. <At this revision (120224), all the predictions about AR are coming true, fast. QR codes will become so-last-week before you know it.>

You can find plenty more about the sessions and what came out of them on the conference website, http://ona11.journalists.org/ , and you can track other delegates’ notes/thoughts through the Twitter handle @onaconf or the hashtag #ona11




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