#ONA11 More notes from Thursday’s job-hunting session

This post continues my notes from yesterday’s job-hunting panel.

The next speaker was  Cindy Rodriguez (check her site, Cindy in the City – my initial notes are bad because of the fire-bell distractions)


Her thoughts:

-Don’t get into journalism to get rich. She’s in it for love .

-Don’t wait for someone to hire you – just  try it out, with your own blog,  guest posts in other blogs. If you have  a “passion” for anything – it can be footwear – try to do that as a journalist.

-She is “very sad to see now newspapers have sunk” but NY Times and others are ‘leaping ahead into great things”

-Calls much of her advice “tried and true”; for example: #1 is “Network…I know if feels a chore, but make friends, alliances, get to know people in the room… figure out who has jobs you want to do…talk to them.”

-As you look for mentorships, you should also be a mentor to colleagues. The person you help/helping you might be your boss nt he future.

-“Use the resourcefulness that you have as a journalist and you will get the job that you want.”


Next speaker, whose name I didn’t get – is senior program officer for student outreach with the Fulbright program. http://fulbright.state.gov/   One of her several good lines: she calls Fulbright “the original social network. ”  You can check it out online – and I do think there are opportunities for Canadians.  She was offering a general overview, but talked in particular about the new-ish MTVU section,  – “not your grandfather’s Fulbright.”

She said:  “People ask, how do I design a project? What do I do?” but it’s up to applicatnts to answer those questions: “The brilliance comes from you.”

Another piece of advice that’s always useful: If you don’t get into something – “go back and say ,‘What do I need to do to make it better? What do I need to do?’”

She introduced the session chair, Doug Mitchell as a Fulbright scholar. He talked about his project, which (in part) involved talking a school in Chile into going online radio instead of trying to buy a license. Site’s @  http://Radio UC.cl

Notes from the Q&A section: mix of comments/ views from the panel (sorry don’t have attribution for all this)

–       You may want to think about them to get past the robots, but not all employers put much stock in them (Lars Schmidt, for example)

–       Even if the job posting says “don’t call” …call. (Cindy Rodriguez) Lars agrees within reason: it’s all about “tenacity, followthrough, networking…if you have a connection that’s great.” Your connections will still tell you to apply online but they’ll also hook you up with real people in recruiting.

–       The commonly quoted numbers of 300-400 applicants often accurate – sometimes more depending on the job.

–       To look for: Lars Schmidt recently tweeted an article about something called Resume Bear – it’s about how to be seen by recruiters, etc., includes tips.

–       Schmidt: “make sure you’re at least 85% qualified for the job you’re applying for.”  Espy important in the followup phase:  “Unqualified people drilling in can be a turnoff.”


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