#ONA11 Thursday aft: job hunting panel

For more details on any of these notes – especially for bio notes on the speakers – check the Online News Association conference schedule at http://ona11.sched.org/

Notes from sitting in on a jobhunting session in Salon H –Not looking for a job but …. just because I could –The notes start slightly late! because I was. Late, that is.


Already started when I arrived:  Greg Horowitz  from MediaBistro (a good site, and you should subscribe to some of their newsletters) was talking about a section of the site called “Scoop jobs” – http://www.mediabistro.com/fwd/scoopjobs/

Then talking up a course/event  next month – job search boot camp Check out more at http://www.mediabistro.com/jobsearchbootcamp . It starts Oct 27  – Not free but they’re “trying to keep it pretty affordable” at an early rate of $79 US…but you’ll have to get to NYC too…

Then … Lars Schmidt “talent acquisition” with NPR. He’s ‘the recruiting guy” on the panel.

He asked for a show of hands: How many have LinkedIn profiles? Most people raised their hands. He said, if you don’t “please create one.”

A groan came from the back of the room:  “but it (LinkedIn)’s so douche-y!” – nervous laughter suggested some people agree, but Schmidt says it’s very important: ”You’re here to learn about what recruiters are using, and trust me, recruiters are using LinkedIn.”

Most people have Twitter handles and Facebook accounts but relatively few raised their hands when he asked if they’ve used Twitter or Facebook to interact with recruiters, or  to interact with people working @ co’s they’re interested in working for.

He’s saying you have to tap into everything you can, esp when the “hiring landscape is very…” – small pause –  “…competitive.”

“Social media has changed the recruiting landscape forever.” Co’s used to post a job, you went looking for it, and hoped your resume would get noticed.

“you now have the ability to connect directly w/ orgs”  – especially LinkedIn, twitter.  FB not really there yet but with tools like BranchOut and BeKnown (anyone know about these?) it’s  on its way.

HR dept. not always the most ‘progressive’ part of a company, but they’re getting there.

Social media isn’t an extension of the job board – it’s a place where you “engage prospects…where you start a dialogue.”  Starting now, and more with time… Orgs will start building relationships with people before they look for/have a job.

He said he had ….

A couple of points to reinforce:

1.            resumes matter. He doesn’t believe a one pager is mandatory – if you have a lot of experience, you need to communicate it. As much as resumes matter…

2. networking matters.  … You might be exceptional but companies might be talking to other individuals who are also exceptional. If you get a chance to meet people, they’re going to remember you.

Networking matters, Resumes matter, and more and more –

3. social media matters. Recruiters are on LinkedIn all the time – Schmidt calls it a ‘gold mine  not just for recruiters but for job seekers” – as seekers can find the important people to talk to,  but also look for people who might have gone to your university, be from your home town, etc

His final point:

4. content matters.  In social media – you may have started using it as a playful thing, and think that it’s fine to be colourful and have outrageous points of view – but must remember that organizations are looking at you.  (@kingsjournalism types know this is a bit of a hobbyhorse of mine…)  Schmidt says, “If you talk to an personal branding expert, they’re going to tell you to be hyper-mindful of your content.”

….more to come when I get a chance to clean up the rest of my notes a bit.


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