#ONA11 A final word on ONA11, well after the fact…

Re-revised (111002 and 120214) to add a bit more linky goodness…

I didn’t post notes from all the sessions. Sometimes, the content just wasn’t that interesting to me, or the room was too crowded to take notes, or the subject matter was just over my head. Others were so good , and so packed with ideas and information that I don’t have the time to do them justice. But—

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#ONA11 New platforms for long-form journalism (part 2)

Mark Armstrong of Longreads

Why and how he started Longreads: ”I got obsessed”  with reading on the phone phone during his 40-minute daily commute to Manhattan, and noticed he was looking for different things than when he was at his desk – He wanted more New Yorker, Vanity Fair, etc, and couldn’t find one place for that kind of material.

So “just on a lark” he started the Twitter hashtag #longreads and “quickly found I wasn’t alone – I knew there was something significant here”.

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#ONA11 Top ten tech trends – Amy Webb (Fri afternoon)

When you’re speaking at 3:30 after a full day of sessions, you better be good, and she was. Amy Webb is a trend tracker extraordinaire. She ploughed through so much in an hour-and-a-bit; made my head hurt but in a good way.

With so much to absorb, my notes can’t hit everything she covered, so I’ll stick to the list, a couple of links and a few highlights. But first:  a picture of the visual note taker’s work at the end of session: